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"We should just let it evolve organically, like a word in a natural language, and not worry too much about it at this early stage"

- Timo Y on Bitcoin logo


The Bitcoin Prosperity Flag

Symbolism and Design

A flag is our bridge between yesterday and tomorrow. It is used by destiny; for as long as there is one who will carry it. 

The Bitcoin Prosperity Flag has at its center the legendary bitcoin logo. A symbol already rich in history and shaped by the fingers of many. Its tilt is a steady 14 degrees; may it march on forever. 

Around it is a Captain's wheel. It is eight spoked. When it is combined with the center logo it becomes a sun; a symbol of Providence. It is angled reverently at 13 degrees. 

Behind the legendary #f2a900 golden-orange is cast an open sea of #2e93ba blue-green. 

May we grab the helm of destiny and steward this vessel of sovereignty across the open sea.

                                                            - MJV

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